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5 Tactics to Trim Your Magazine Printing Costs Now

By Betsy Robertson
National Account Executive/Lane Press
Recently, I received an urgent email from a university communications director and her colleague […]

In Magazine Publishing, SMALLER is Getting BIGGER

By Dr. Joe Webb
Consultant, Analyst, Forecaster/Strategies for Management, Inc.
Publishing in North America wasn’t always populated by mega-enterprises. In fact, […]

How to Reinvent a Magazine

Starting with a clean slate, without a lot of money, and without going crazy.

By Chris Horn
Director, University Writers Group/University […]

Branded Content: Evolution Within a Revolution

The branded content revolution is in full swing. Tapping into this powerful revenue stream means challenging assumptions — and […]

Tailor Made

Publishing’s future is one-to-one marketing

By Robert Haas
Vice President Business Development & Data Intelligence/PCMA
In a world not far into the […]

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Cash Flow

By Bill Gentes
Former Vice President and Chief Financial Officer/Lane Press
For most publishers, cash flow is more important than even […]

2016: The Year Ahead for Publishing in 12 Words

By D. Eadward Tree
Publishing Executive

From ad blocking to postal rates, here’s a handy guide to what’s likely to happen […]

Naturally Sweet

By Elizabeth Folwell
Creative Director/Adirondack Life
My husband and I have the largest maple operation in Blue Mountain Lake, New York, […]

Takeaways From This Year’s IRMA Conference

November 5, 2015

By David Briggs
Vice President, Sales and Marketing/Lane Press
If you’ve ever been to the annual IRMA (International Regional […]

Focus Your Features With a Creative Brief

By Betsy Robertson
National Account Executive/Lane Press
One of the most confounding yet ultimately rewarding aspects of creating a magazine is […]