Getting it right matters.

We have a saying around here. It’s that, “We give a damn.” A bit rough around the edges, but it gets to the point.

We care beyond what industry standards and specifications say is acceptable. We care beyond what’s “good enough.”

Chalk it up to a diligent work ethic or an enduring culture, but our people tweak and check and push and innovate until it’s right – whether it’s your magazine on press or the working relationship they’re building with you.

Our people realize their names are on each and every magazine we print. Not in the masthead. But their fingerprints live in how that magazine is experienced in the hands of the reader.

Simply put, our people care. And we prove it every day.

On Your Page.


As a crew leader on our saddlewire binders, Highlands is always on the move – checking books for quality and adjusting his line to run smoothly. “I like to get the books just the right size, with no marks or scratching,” he says. “I think about people who are buying the magazine. They have a right to get the best quality.”

Highlands, who immigrated from Vietnam in 1999, is an avid tennis fan. “I like Rafael Nadal,” he says. “Every point, he plays. He’s patient – and he never gives up.”

A former art student and current day hobbyist sculptor, Jane brings her aesthetic eye to her job tending on our cover press. On getting color right, she says, “It’s about making sure you’re in that window of color that balances the full spectrum. There are areas where we push and pull to stay in that window.”

On being the only woman in our pressroom? “It doesn’t matter,” she says. “You have to be able to corner well – to anticipate and react. That’s what counts.”

Our president calls Charley the “resident scientist” because he’s always looking for ways to push the envelope. “He knows what’s going on in the industry; he benchmarks what we’re doing; then he extrapolates what might be possible tomorrow – and how to get there.”

We see this with Charley’s work on color curves, cover treatments, environmental initiatives (& more). At Charley’s hand, we were the first printer of nationally distributed magazines to print on recycled paper. It was Garbage magazine – and it was good.

MikeCustomer Service
Though Mike’s been working in customer service at Lane for over 20 years, he didn’t start there. First, he ran a sheetfed press in our pressroom. Then, he moved to our production department, where he gallantly juggled job and equipment schedules. Now, he brings that knowledge—of process and detail and possibility–to his customers every day. They love him, and so do we.

Mike is the proud champion of our recent, company–wide ping pong tournament. He’s got one mean slam.