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Today, we think of ourselves as a business partner to our customers, entrenched and integral to their success. That’s a concept my predecessors – my father, Oscar Drumheller; Ben Lane before him; and Ben’s father, Frank, prior to that – probably would have struggled with.

They were printers. And identifying themselves as printers led to a very distinct value system – one almost singularly focused on the work and what it required to be really good: keen attention to detail, high standards of precision, finding the right people, grooming craftsmen.

They saw a printer’s role as creating and delivering a quality and highly regarded product. This iconic sign that hung in each of their offices says it all.

Today, we see our role as this and more. We work to provide you with the best printed product possible, but we also seek to understand how it fits into your business. How are you getting it into the hands of your readers? How are you integrating it with other platforms? Are you successful in pitching to advertisers? Are you maximizing efficiencies in the process? And, among the many other important questions – in fact, the most important question – how can we help?

No longer do we hand over the printed product and turn our heads to the next. We develop a relationship over time, built on trust and credibility, so we can uncover issues critical to you. That’s what we’re about today – and that’s what brings me to the subject of our website.

The #1 goal on our site is to show accurately not just what we produce for you, but what we seek to accomplish with you.

I invite you to take a tour around the site. You’ll meet just a few of the many talented professionals I am proud to call my staff. You’ll get to know others I’m proud to call our customers and hear, in their words, what they get out of a relationship with us. And, you’ll find our resource area (Inside Lane Press), where we’ll bring you relevant and insightful information on a regular basis.

I’m proud of our website because it gives you a clear and honest look at who we are, how we have evolved over 110 years in business, and what we can do for you as your partner today.

I think – in fact, I know – that my predecessors would be proud, too.

— Philip Drumheller, Lane President