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When John Palumbo brought his flagship title back to Lane Press after a stint with another printer, it was for their biggest issue of the year – the annual Best of Rhode Island. Produced on a condensed schedule to ship in time for a locally hosted, high-profile party, it featured a long list of award-winning businesses to be honored at the event.

I know that quality and service aren’t going to be wild cards.
John Palumbo, Owner/Publisher

“If we were nervous that Lane couldn’t handle the fulfillment, or the delivery, or timing, it would have added a great deal of anxiety for us, coming back with this issue,” says Palumbo. “But in our minds, it was like: No problem. They’re going to knock this out of the park. And they did.

“That’s everything from the print quality to delivering on time to sweating the small stuff along the way.

“There’s an intangible about working with Lane. I just know that quality and service aren’t going to be wild cards.”

Also pictured here with John is Alan DiPetrillo, RIM’s Imaging Specialist and Paul O’Hare, Production Director (front to back).

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In addition to its own monthly magazine, two annuals, and host of ancillary pieces, RIM Communications produces custom work for private and non-profit businesses around the state. In our case study, John Palumbo talks about how Lane has earned his trust with these critical projects.


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