Cindy Gill Talks About Lane


PITT Magazine


University of Pittsburgh
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With a circulation of more than 200,000, PITT Magazine reaches the University of Pittsburgh’s entire alumni community – and for Cindy Gill and her staff, the goal is to offer engaging stories and art that embody the image and achievements of the university itself.

“We’re physically sending out what we hope represents the excellence of the University,” says Gill. “We want to be the best university magazine out there. Ideally, we want to give national magazines a run for their money. And we really view Lane as our partner in this process.

I truly believe that there isn’t a better printer out there for us.
Cindy Gill, Editor in Chief

“The quality of the color reproduction, the quality of the images, the overall visual quality of the magazine itself – they’re all extremely important to us. Not only does Lane buy into that, but that’s how they think about it, too. Their approach is exactly in line with our philosophy about what we’re sending to our audience.

“I truly believe that there isn’t a better printer out there for us … that there’s not a printer in the world that can deliver excellence as consistently as Lane does. Our CSR – and everyone at Lane – has our back in a way that I’ve never felt with any other printer. To me, that’s extraordinary.”

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When PITT was at Lane for a presscheck on a special issue, and their cover was up and running on press, Gill discovered a design mistake in their cover file. Read about what happened and why Gill calls her customer service rep a “miracle” worker.


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