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Culture: The Word on Cheese is a beautiful, highly aesthetic magazine about all things cheese. Stephanie Skinner runs the magazine with her sister, a “cheese monger” in California and a small, dedicated staff of just ten. She explains that they depend on their printer to be a guiding force for their success.

It’s a great relief to know Lane is there for us.
Stephanie Skinner, Publisher

“Because we’re such a tiny company, I knew we needed a printer who could take us by the hand and think – not just deliver, not just do everything we tell them – but think about what we do and how we can do it better.”

Skinner says she’s found that partner in Lane. “To a degree, printing is perceived as a commodity product,” says Skinner. “But the added value of having the kind of team we have at Lane – that’s what we really need.”

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In our full case study, Skinner talks about how her Lane sales rep helped her increase digital traffic for her advertisers and how her customer service rep proactively sought to bring down their international mailing costs. 


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