A MUCH Better service experience.

Your magazine is the best in its space. You’ve earned the right to work with the top industry partners out there: experienced, reliable, innovative people whose singular goal is to help you survive & thrive.

So ask yourself, why don’t you?

  • Are the staff members at your printer reliable, fast, and easy to reach?
  • Do they seem to genuinely care about your magazine’s success?
  • Are they affected by whether your title thrives or folds?
  • Are you in direct contact with the specialists and subject matter experts? Or, do your calls all go through a gatekeeper, slowing the process?
  • Are you spending too much time and effort getting answers to questions, sometimes receiving no answer at all?
  • Are you left feeling frustrated, inconsequential, or simply unimportant?

Nobody should ever be treated like this. And yet we frequently hear these stories from magazine publishers. We’ve even heard of publishers having to threaten to stop presses or hold the mail just to get a phone call returned or an email message answered. To us, it’s unbelievable.

That’s why our teams are different. The people at Lane Press are directly invested in your magazine’s success. If you fail, we fail. When you succeed, we succeed — and we cheer for you.  Our publishers experience this mindset every single day.

“The staff at Lane has such a vested interest in the success of their clients. You can tell, they’ll go above and beyond. It’s just what they do.”

Michelle RussellEditor in Chief, Convene

“Lane Press is the perfect fit for our small specialty publication — VERY user friendly. My CSR is phenomenal. There is never an issue too big or too small they aren’t willing to tackle to find the right solution.”

Barrie ReightlerDirector of Publications, Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred

“I continue to be impressed with the knowledge and responsiveness of everyone at Lane. Our team has been great about communicating what’s feasible when looking at production options. Whether we have a question about the intricacies of postage or inks or scheduling, we can count on the staff there to go above and beyond.”

Danny FreedmanManaging Editor, GW Magazine

Our teams are responsive. We’ll reply to any inquiry within 90 minutes and will provide options or answers within 24 hours. We guarantee it. And we’ll continually share our experience working with hundreds of other publishers to help inspire your magazine’s design, editorial, strategy, and distribution. Reach out to us. Meet our people. Let us prove that we can help you thrive.

It’s up to you. Are you content to struggle with a primary vendor? Or, are you ready to partner with a team that treats you like the priority you are?

We’re ready when you are.