We Produce A MUCH Better Product

Do you dread opening that first carton with your new issue in it because you just don’t know what to expect? Are you starting to wonder whether your printer’s strategy is “faster, cheaper, and mediocre?”

We know the anxiety is real because we hear the horror stories firsthand. Publishers are regularly bullied into accepting subpar reproduction quality from printers whom they’ve described to us as “remorseless.”

In too many cases, what these publishers describe is an erratic decline in print quality. One that is often defended by printers under some buzzword or banner — like “LEAN Manufacturing” and all its related terms. But the terms are getting misused and misconstrued. LEAN’s “minimum viable product” is twisted into “the cheapest and worst the customer will continue to accept.” “Continuous improvement” becomes code for “spare every expense.” “Creating more value for customers” is mangled into “wring every drop of revenue from the customer.” And your magazine suffers.

You know how the finished product looks when this happens. Images appear dirty, gray, and hollow. Color isn’t saturated, bright, or clean. Worse, what’s shipped is inconsistent from copy to copy.

Poor print quality undermines your efforts. The consequences are real: disaffected advertisers and diminished advertising revenue; lost cachet for your magazine; unimpressed and uninspired readers. And for your staff, their hard work isn’t being given a fair shake.

Meanwhile, our print quality is consistently award winning and routinely remarkable.

And our publishers agree.

“Lane Press is the right fit for us. We tried another printer, but we weren’t happy with the overall print quality — and that’s what Lane excels at.”

Elizabeth FolwellCreative Director, Adirondack Life

“Our relationship with Lane goes back almost 20 years. The time speaks for itself. The team is always a pleasure to work with, and the print quality is excellent.”

Alexis BoncyEditor-in-Chief, Columbia College Today

“I have been doing this for a long time, and I can say that Lane’s quality and service are top-notch. The folks at the plant are very responsive, and they care about the quality of our publication. They’re an excellent resource for us.”

Aaron SewardEditor, Texas Architect

We stand behind our print quality. Period. In fact, we guarantee it in writing.

The choice is yours. Are you satisfied with declining print quality, persistent errors, lost advertiser revenue, and dwindling readership and respect? Or, do you deserve consistent and award-winning print quality, tremendous recognition for you and your publication, increased advertiser revenue, and delivered content that reflects the hard work that went into it?

We’re ready when you are.