Don’t take our word for it.

Listen to publishers who agree
Lane Press is On Their Page.

John Palumbo
Owner, Publisher, Rhode Island Monthly

“We’ve always said there’s no better printer than Lane at putting ink on paper. That’s been our experience and our mantra since Day 1.

“But really, it’s across the board. It’s the binding, the registration, the color — it’s the ink balance and the books arriving on time … it’s the whole package.”

Michelle Russell
Editor in Chief, Convene Magazine, PCMA

“I know I can count on Lane. The staff there has such a vested interest in the success of their clients — they go above and beyond. It’s just what they do.

“Our customer service rep watches out for us when it comes to our tricky ad inserts. She knows which ones will require more attention — and she goes the extra mile with them.”

Stephanie Skinner
Publisher, culture: the word on cheese

“As a tiny company, we need a printer who can take us by the hand and think — not just deliver, not just do everything we tell them to — but think about what we do and how we can do it better.

“Our whole team at Lane provides that kind of added value. It’s a great relief to know that our biggest vendor is in our corner, focused on creating the best possible opportunity for us to succeed.”

Cindy Gill
Editor in Chief, Pitt Magazine

“This is what’s remarkable: In 12 years with Lane, we’ve never had a printing error. That’s absolutely extraordinary.

“Before Lane, we’d worked with at least three different printers in eight years. With each, there’d be mistakes on press, delays, and poor customer service, so we kept looking.

“Everything changed when we found Lane.  The customer service has been fantastic, and everyone there cares as much about quality as we do — every step of the way, all the time.”

Elizabeth Folwell
Creative Director, Adirondack Life

“No way would I ever think to ask for extra time to cover something like Hurricane Irene. But everybody at Lane went the extra mile so we could hit our newsstand date despite submitting files a week late. Thanks to a printer that understood the importance of the story, we gained the time and space we needed. That kind of flexibility and customer service is astonishing.”

Kim Asch
Editor, The Hill, McDaniel College

“I know that when I reach out to Lane, the people we count on are going to be available and ready to deal with anything I throw at them.

“It always amazes me that whenever I call my customer service rep, she either picks up the phone or gets right back to me. It’s the same with email. I mean, it’s almost instantaneous.”

Carol Moskot
Publisher, Art Director, COMMENTARY

“When I began looking for a new printer five years ago, I had both of my COMMENTARY hats on: art director and publisher. These roles are sometimes at odds with one another — quality versus price.

“The art director in me was eager to find a printer who would deliver a flawlessly printed, beautiful magazine to the mailboxes of our discerning audience, which includes 535 members of Congress. The publisher in me wanted a printer who would provide flexible scheduling, excellent pricing, and on-point customer service.

“Amazingly, I found both with Lane Press.”

Algis Puidokas
Founder, Publishing Director, Essential Homme

“Print quality is essential for our high fashion magazine. Our readers expect it, and our advertisers, including the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior, demand it. Plus, we’re competing against the biggest publishers out there.

“Before Lane, we printed with one of the largest printers in the U.S., and they didn’t meet our standards. They print massive circulation titles and pay less attention to quality.

“The print quality from Lane is amazing. The paper is exactly what we need for feel and reproduction of rich blacks. Prepress prepares our photography files flawlessly and never distorts our Photoshop treatments in production.”

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