We Reduce Your Overall Expense

Publishing above breakeven is hard. Everything keeps getting more expensive. And bringing in revenue is an ongoing challenge.

Your total mix of revenue and expense must be effectively managed. And that includes much more than paper, postage, print, and distribution. Here’s why:

  • For the first time in 20 years, paper pricing has steadily risen while availability has declined. Mill allocations are real, and prices show no sign of dropping.
  • The USPS has raised rates for periodicals and wants to raise them again. The FSS (Flats Sequencing System) has failed to stabilize periodical rates or deliver cost savings.
  • Freight costs have climbed, and not just from increasing fuel prices; drivers are in short supply.
  • Publishers rarely defend or increase their rate card rates, and multiple insertion contracts are very tough to win.

Is your printer offering anything more than lower grade and lighter paper? 

Are they helping you create new revenue and make advertiser relationships sticky? Do they work with you to streamline your editorial workflow and leverage your staff resources? Are they taking over work you don’t need to perform in-house to free up resources you can better use elsewhere? Do they look at your whole publishing enterprise and help you become as efficient and effective as possible?

Who’s helping you understand what’s possible and then managing the whole slew of related challenges?

We do — all of the above. You deserve a partner committed to helping you thrive for the long term.

We’re ready when you are.