We Provide MUCH More Help

The most successful publishers we know describe themselves as “intensely curious” and “life-long learners.” It’s likely that you’re the same. The challenge is finding the resources to help you discover what’s possible, to inspire you with examples of what works, and to describe tangible actions you can take.

Unfortunately, resources are thin. Mentoring is nearly non-existent. Industry forums tend to be walled gardens. And publishing conferences are endlessly repetitive and largely ineffective. Jeff Joseph, publisher of Modern Trader, may have said it best:

“I have been surprised to see how little mentoring and encouragement is available to new entries to the print magazine world. Editors are grumpy and generally unwilling to engage in editorial ideation and brainstorming. Publishers are overly protective of their knowledge and often intent upon milking their cow to the last drop, and the few potential mentors are, in my opinion, pay-to-play extortionists.”

"The Print Magazine Industry & the Enemy Within"Jeff Joseph via BoSacks Speaks Out

Jeff is right. For a magazine to be healthy and successful, fuel from multiple sources is key and critical. We routinely hear frustrated publishers echoing Jeff’s comments, so we’ve created an array of resources. They’re all free.

  • We publish a quarterly magazine of entirely original content, called Pages. The stories, written by publishers and editors, focus solely on magazine publishing. Every piece of content illuminates some aspect of effectively publishing a magazine. Our objective from the first issue has been to deliver actionable information.
  • We host a three-day gathering of publishers that we call the Publishers’ Conclave. It features none of the “usual suspects” and not a single talking head. The presentations are all created and delivered by publishers and drawn from their own — current — experiences. Again, the objective is actionable information. The event is structured to enable one-on-one interaction, encourage collaborative relationships, and renew friendships.
  • We publish three different video series: “Content Sparks,” “Ad Ignition,” and “On the Rocks.” The first two focus on story development and effective advertising sales. “On the Rocks” is a long-form interview with a publisher who is doing something remarkable and transferable.
  • We provide a wide array of direct training for publication staff ranging from color management to contract advertising sales.

Events, one-on-one connections, training, and inspiration via every medium you can name — all focused on making you and your magazine as effective as possible.

Take a look at our magazine, Pages. You’ll instantly see what we mean. Then let us learn about your magazine and your unique opportunities and challenges. We’ll tailor our help and resources to enable your magazine to survive and thrive.

We’re ready when you are.