We Guarantee It

What does all of this mean for our publishers?

There’s no denying that we make some bold claims:

  • We’re the only printer in North America dedicated solely to magazine publishers.
  • We produce a better product.
  • We create a better service experience.
  • We deliver lower overall expense.
  • We provide more help.

But these aren’t merely claims. To us, they’re expectations. They’re deeply ingrained in how we work and behave at Lane Press. Everything is built around them: our process and systems, our measurements and management, and our recruitment and training. In fact, our entire culture revolves around these five expectations.

More importantly to you, we guarantee each of these expectations. In writing.

They are binding commitments. To us, there is no “try;” there is only “deliver.” Making and keeping commitments is how we define integrity.

You deserve a partner who consistently “walks the talk.” And there’s only one.

We’re ready when you are.