Publishing a successful magazine is hard. You work long days, weekends, and even holidays — one eye
constantly on the clock.

A partner you can rely on — a team that handles everything you know you shouldn’t do yourself — can make your life genuinely easier.

  • Is your printer that partner? Or are you one fish in a very large pond?
  • Do you spend excessive time dealing with a printer who is neither flexible nor invested in your success?
  • Do magazines in general — or your magazine, in particular — matter to your printer?

We frequently hear stories of uncommitted printers. And these relationships can be toxic. Why? Because magazine publishers rarely matter to these printers.

Lane Press is fundamentally different. Our entire business is focused only on magazine publishers. That means we’re experts in exactly one thing: enabling our magazine publishers to survive and thrive. And we do much more than just print the magazines. Anything that a magazine publisher needs, we’re actively working to provide. Just ask our publishers.

“Lane Press is the perfect fit for our small specialty publication — VERY user friendly. My CSR is phenomenal. There is never an issue too big or too small they aren’t willing to tackle to find the right solution.”

Barrie ReightlerDirector of Publications, Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred

“Over the last 14 years, Lane Press has found creative solutions to the many challenges and changes we’ve faced in print publishing. I can’t imagine a more responsive partner, or one that is more fun to work with.”

Charles HarrisPresident & CEO, Natural History

“Everyone works together like a family. Lane has always been good about customizing their services to our needs, and the team responds to all of our questions quickly — within the same day. The quality and service have been excellent for years.”

Brenda MonahanPrint Buyer, RIT University Magazine

Reach out to us. Talk with us about the unique challenges and opportunities your magazine faces. Let us develop tailored solutions and implement them with you. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure the solutions we provide are the best that exist.

The choice is yours. Do you have the time and energy to continue managing a relationship that doesn’t create real value? Or, do you deserve to work with the partner who tailors its entire business to your needs?

We’re ready when you are.